Marana Forni is an Italian company which conceives, designs and hand-crafts rotary pizza ovens which are also available in Australia. As far back as 1992, the company patented the first oven with a rotary plate, ‘SU&GIU’, which has revolutionised the way of cooking pizza in pizzerias the world over. 

All the ovens are available in different sizes and with customised finishings to meet the needs of all pizza makers. You will find a complete range of models to choose from, with the possibility of wood-firedgas-firedpellet and combined versionsMarana Forni’s ability to constantly renew its ovens and the high level of technology used make the company a leader in the pizzeria oven production sector, with a major presence in more than 60 countriesChampion pizza makers turn to Marana ovens to cook their pizzas with greater ease, speed and energy savings, and the results are always second to none.

With Marana Forni, the best traditions of Italian pizza and the excellence of products Made in Italy are also available in AustraliaFor further information and requests, please contact our exclusive reference, Corrado Passilongo:


Australia Branch Office:


Mobile +61 497583212